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Jet nozzle set ø 6,3 mm
Jet nozzle set ø 6,3 mm
MP-P03.26Jet nozzle set ø 6,3 mm
MP-P03.26Jet nozzle set ø 6,3 mm
Jet nozzle set ø 6,3 mm

Jet nozzle set ø 6,3 mm

to prove the degree of protection with the second code number 5 "Protection against water jets"

According to
IEC 60529:2001-02 § 14.1 Table VIII, Fig. 6
DIN 40050-9:1993-05 § 7.4 Table 8, Fig. 6
DIN EN 60529
VDE 0470-1:2000-09  § 14.1 Table 8, Fig. 6

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Construction of the Jet Nozzle Set

The jet nozzle is made of stainless steel. Knurls on the circum-ference facilitate disassembly. This is useful for cleaning after the end of the test. The nozzle has an O-ring for sealing.

Behind it is the flow indicator, which operates on the variable annular gap principle: a float with a defined orifice moves over a tapered mandrel. The greater the flow, the further the float is moved. The counterforce is applied by a spring, so the display is practically independent of position.

A black ring on the spring-loaded float serves as the pointer. The red mark on the glass tube indicates the nominal flow rate. The two black marks serve as an aid for judging the deviation. They indicate deviations of about ± 10 % from the nominal flow rate.

The basic construction is shown in the photo on the title page. The valve is used to shut off and adjust the flow. The handpiece has a thermally insulating coating to keep the cold of the water away from the operator‘s hand.

Scope of delivery:

•    Nozzle body with knurling
•    Handpiece, inner diameter approx. 16 mm
•    Flow meter, almost independent of position
•    Throttle and shut-off valve with handwheel for adjusting the water flow, with grommet for a hose nominal diameter 19 mm (3/4“)
•    Hose, nominal diamter 19 mm (3/4“), length 5 m, with one 3/4" coupling and one hose tie



Water hose MP-P03.68

for MP-P03.26/28 and MP-P05.24


Replacement nozzle body with knurling MP-P03.58

Diameter: 6,3 mm for degree of protection IPX5



  • Water resistance
  • IEC/EN 60529
  • IP code
  • VDE 0470