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Spray nozzle
Spray nozzle
MP-P05.24Spray nozzle
MP-P05.24Spray nozzle
Spray nozzle
MP-P05.24Spray nozzle

Spray nozzle

to prove the degree of protection with the second code number 3 and 4

According to
IEC 60529:2001-02 § 14.1 Table VIII, Fig. 5
DIN 40050-9:1993-05 § 7.4 Table 8, Fig. 5
DIN EN 60529
VDE 0470-1:2000-09 § 14.1 Table 8, Fig. 5

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Construction of the Spray Nozzle

The shower head is made of nickel-plated brass. The 121 openings of ø 0.5 mm are arranged according to Fig. 5* of IEC 60529 (see reverse). It is screwed onto the stainless steel body so that the spray head can be disassembled for cleaning and descaling.

The flow indicator (instead of a pressure gauge) in the housing section works on the principle of the variable annular gap: a float with a defined orifice moves over a conically tapering mandrel.

The greater the flow, the further the float is moved. The counterforce is applied by a spring, therefore the indication is practically independent of position.

A black ring on the spring-loaded float serves as the pointer.  

The red mark on the glass tube indicates the nominal flow rate. The two black marks serve as an aid for judging the deviation. They indicate deviations of about ± 10 % from the nominal flow rate.

The valve is used to shut off and adjust the flow. The handpiece has a thermal insulating coating, this is to keep the cold of the water away from the operator‘s hand.    

The movable shield is made of stainless steel for better durability. The counterweight is adjusted to shield all jets that deviate more than 60° from vertical, regardless of the direction of the spray. For IPX4 testing, the cover can be removed or fixed so that it does not obstruct the water jets.

Scope of delivery:

- Shower head, outer diameter 102 mm, radius 75.5 mm, with 121 openings of diameter 0.5 mm, two-piece, can be dismantled for cleaning and descaling
- movable cover with counterweight, removable, for shielding of all jets deviate more than 60° from thevertical, regardless of the direction of the shower
- handle part, inner diameter approx. 15 mm, handle sleeve with thermal insulating coating
- housing with flow meter, measuring range 9-10-11 l/min
- Shut-off and throttle valve, with hose connection
- Hose nominal diameter 19 mm (3/4"), length 5 m, with one 3/4" coupling and one hose tie



Water hose

for MP-P03.26/28 and MP-P05.24


ISO/Factory calibration

according to ISO 9001



  • Water resistance
  • IEC/EN 60529
  • IP code
  • VDE 0470