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Impact-test Hammer
Impact-test Hammer
MP-F22.50Impact-test Hammer
MP-F22.50Impact-test Hammer

Impact-test Hammer

with the five selectable impact energies 0,20 J, 0,35 J, 0,50 J, 0,70 J und 1,00 J.

 10 demonstrate the level of robustness according to IEC, CEE, EN, UL, DIN, VDE and further national standards.

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Use the Impact-test Hammer to carry out impact tests to demonstrate the level of robustness of your samples. It is suitable for carrying out impact tests on the basis of many nations an international standards.

This Impact-test Hammer ist according to e.g.

  • IEC 60080-2-75:2014-09 § 6, Fig. E1
  • IEC 60335-1:2013-12 § 21
  • IEC 60320-1:2007-11 § 23.5, Fig. 21

We ensure the prescribed release pressure ≤ 10 N. This has only been possible by using a modified release mechanism.

Description PTL Impact-test Hammer

Artikel No.

Impact energies  
E1 0,20 J
E2 0,35 J
E3 0,5 J
E4 0,70 J
E5 1,00 J
Total mass of striking element 250 g
Total mass of apparatus 1560 g
Release pressure

≤ 10 N

Main dimensions

Ø 50 mm x ca. 320 mm

Weight of dispatch (without case)

approx. 1,8 kg


PTL-Instruments GmbH

Country of origin



Storage case MP-100.11z

For safe transport and storage of the test probes



  • Condition of materials
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  • Impact test
  • IEC 60335
  • IEC 60068
  • IEC 60320