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Continuity Signaler

Continuity Signaler

according VDE 0700, part 1 resp. IEC/EN 60335-1

The continuity signaler complies with the regulations for contact testing in combination with access probes. With a volume resistance of 15 Ω, an optical and acoustic signal is output.

  • Functions

With the continuity signaler and a connected test probe (according to DE 0470 part 2 or IEC/EN 61032) the accessibility of dangerous parts can be determined (e.g. according to VDE 0470 part 1 or IEC/EN 60529).

When using the signal circuit method, the indicator lamp or the acoustic signal must not respond. The test probe is connected to the signal transmitter via a connecting cable with a 4 mm laboratory plug. The part to be tested is conductively connected to the signal generator via the second connection line.

The test probe is pressed against the dangerous parts of the test object to test the contact. Access is indicated by the indicator light and the buzzer. It is recommended to test the function of the signal transmitter and the electrical connections by consciously contacting or short-circuiting the access probe with the parts to be tested before each test.


  • Contact check
  • IEC/EN 60335
  • VDE 0700