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Joint Finger Probe

Joint Finger Probe

according VDE 0700, part 1 resp. IEC/EN 60335-1

Similar design as test probe B according to IEC 61032, but with a circular stop surface with a diameter of 50 mm.

Access probe to prove the protection of people against access to dangerous parts and tom prove the protection against access with one finger.

The joint parts of the test finger are made of stainless steel. The two upper limbs can be angled by 90 degrees. 

The stop surface and the handle are made of polyamide. For the contact or continuity test, a 4 mm safety socket is installed on the handle, which is conductively connected to the joint finger.


  • Equipment

Continuity Signaler MP-100.09B

according VDE 0700, part 1 resp. IEC/EN 60335-1


MP-100.25A_Zug- und Druckkraftmessgerät



  • IEC/EN 60335
  • VDE 0700