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Tension- and Compression Force Meter

Tension- and Compression Force Meter

with linear scale from 0 ... 10 N for precise determination of the tensile and compressive force

The analog tensile and compressive force measuring device is suitable for the determination of tensile and compressive forces.

The force display 0 ... 10 N is scaled in 1 N steps. The ∅ 12 mm mandrel and the key ring can be adapted with a variety of object and access probes.

The key ring is used to determine tensile forces. Pressure forces are applied via the   ∅ 12mm mandrel.

The handle of the tension and compression force measuring device is made of stainless steel, the mandrel made of aluminum.

  • Equipment

IEC-Joint Finger Probe MP-P10.14

according with VDE 0470, part 2, pic. 2, probe B resp. IEC/EN 61032


Rigid Finger Probe MP-P10.05

according VDE 0470, part 2, pic. 7, probe 11 resp. IEC/EN 61032


Test probe MP-P10.18

according VDE 0805, part 1, pic. 2c, IEC/EN 60950-1 resp. IEC 62368‑1.



  • Pressure force measurement
  • Tensile force measurement