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Test Mandrel

Test Mandrel

according VDE 0470, part 2, pic. 16, probe 41 resp. IEC/EN 61032

Additional standards: IEC/EN 60529

Access probe for the ascertainment of protection of persons against access to dangerous, hot or glowing parts.

The test mandrel ist 80 mm long, Ø 30 mm and made of stainless steel. It has a 21.5 mm long and sharpened tip. The holder is made of polyamide.

It is 80 mm long, Ø 50 mm and has a 4 mm receptacle for contact- and continuity checks.

The receptacle ist conductively connected to the probe part.

The handle can be attached to the tension and compression force meter.


  • IEC/EN 61032
  • VDE 0470