Glow wire tester

for test to assess the risk of fire

alt Text

Impact-test Hammer

Special model with the impact energy of 2,00 Joule

alt Text

Large storage case

for safe transport and storage of the test probes

alt Text

Test Cylinder
for small parts

to prove the safety for toys

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IEC Joint Finger Probe

according VDE 0470, part 2, pic. 2, probe B
resp. IEC/EN 61032

alt Text

Rigid Finger Probe
with Compression Spring

with force scale from 0 ... 50 N in 5 N steps

alt Text

Ball Pressure Apparature

according IEC 60695-10-2:2014

alt Text

Impact-test Hammer

for the impact test to determine the
mechanical strength

alt Text

Spray nozzle

to prove the degree of protection with
the second code number 3 and 4

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We are manufacturer of test equipment for product testing and -certification.

Our test equipment is used to vertify conformity, which are defined in standards and test specifications.
For conformity assessment of safety, usabbility and reliability of products and prefabricated products,
our test equipment is represented in quality assurance and research & development departmens worldwide.

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